Ways Your Air Ducts May Be Impacting Your Health

Air ducts are one of those things that homeowners often ignore. Therefore, they are allowed to get caked with dirt, crime and other even more pleasant things. Your air ducts are an important component of your home. They should be cleaned at least once every couple of years. Every three years is what most industry leaders recommended. However, some will need more frequent cleaning. The following is information on some of the health concerns that come when you ignore an air duct cleaning Louisville KY residents may want to be aware of.

Respiratory Issues

There is something called ‘sick building syndrome’. This is the result of improper ventilation. Sick building syndrome can cause headaches, allergies and eventually, respiratory issues.


Do you ever wonder why you get so many colds? Or perhaps you wake up coughing each morning and can’t figure out why. The culprit could be your dirty air ducts. Again, when these ducts are dirty, allergens are trapped inside. These are distributed through the air. Instead of clean air, you are breathing in dirty air. Coughs, colds and sore throats could be a sign to get your air ducts cleaned.

Feeling Tired

Even after a good night’s sleep you may feel tired and sluggish. While this probably happens to everyone at one time or another, if it seems to happen more often to you, consider that your air ducts may need to be cleaned. The dirty air you’re breathing could very well be the culprit.


Rodents are a menace when they invade your home. In many cases, they carry germs and disease with them. No one wants to think about it, but your air ducts make a pretty nice home for rodents and even insects. They can stay in the ducts, among the dirt and debris for years. Having your ducts regularly cleaned makes them a lot less hospitable.


Dirty air ducts can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Almost everyone understands how dangerous mold can be. When it’s allowed to live in your air ducts, it’s spores are then spread throughout the house. You will be breathing this unhealthy air into your lungs.

Pulmonary Health Issues

Pulmonary health issues can be caused by, or exacerbated by unclean air ducts. Bronchitis, asthma and more can often be traced back to the air ducts. Dirty air is responsible for so many health issues that you may be experiencing.

Breathing is a vital part of life, make sure that you’re breathing in clean, healthy air. Have your air ducts cleaned as often as recommended by your professional. Every two to three years, should be sufficient. If you feel that you’re more tired, get more headaches, colds, or sore throats than normal, have your air ducts inspected. It could very well be your home that has made you sick. Fortunately, a good cleaning is all that it takes to have you breathing in fresh, healthy air once again.