How To Decide Whether To Have An HVAC Contractor Repair Or Replace Your Furnace

Many homes today are heated by a central heating system. There is a furnace, usually powered by natural gas, that heats air which is then blown throughout the home through ducts in the floors and walls. Combined with a thermostat the entire home can be heated to a comfortable level.

The type of energy used to power the central heating system varies by part of the country but natural gas is most commonly used. This is followed by electricity which mainly only makes sense where electricity costs are very low. Homeowners have also been turning to solar power over the past decade, especially in recent years as the costs of installing solar panels have come down dramatically in price.

This article on Wikipedia delves into the history of heating buildings and when central heating first started to be used. The first building to be centrally heated was a mill building in England which was built in 1793. Later on, steam was used to heat air to keep buildings warm as was hot water.

Furnaces in homes need to be serviced in order to keep them in prime operating condition. By having a licensed HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) specialist service this piece of equipment it will operate most efficiently, saving energy and thus money. Those needing any residential heating system repair irving tx have a broad range of contractors to choose from. Several of these companies operate around the clock and so can quickly respond in an emergency like when the furnace stops working during very cold weather.

When having an HVAC contractor service a broken furnace there is often a choice that needs to be made in whether to have it fixed or replaced. This article explains what factors need to be considered when deciding whether to fix or replace it. Sometimes the cost of getting a furnace repaired is so much that it makes more fiscal sense to replace it, especially if it up there in years.

The first thing to think about in regards to fixing or replacing a furnace is if there is a safety issue. Something like a cracked heater exchange is a very serious problem as the result of this is deadly carbon monoxide gas being blown throughout your home. This makes it an easy decision to have the furnace replaced. Other problems like stuck valves or a broken circuit board can be fixed but it still might make sense to replace everything.

The average furnace has a 15 to 20 year lifespan. If you bought your home from someone else and don’t know the age of your furnace you can look at the tag that is stuck on it. HVAC contractors usually write down on this tag when it was installed and the dates that it was serviced. If your furnace is 15 or more years old it might be time to have it replaced. Depending on how big a new furnace you need having a new furnace installed is usually somewhere between $1500 to $4000.